GRAND BLEU Language Immersion Programs


INSTITUT GRAND BLEU is a Higher Education Institution created to offer students of all nationalities and ages a place to learn and practice the French language.



GRAND BLEU Cultural Immersion Programs

With a proven track record of success, the INSTITUT has developed cultural immersion programs on the French Riviera.

Each program is tailored for either young, university or adult audiences and is set in a particularly stunning and resolutely open environment on the sea and on the world


1694 - 1778 Paris

Writer, Philosopher,

free thinker

"More educated people are,

more free they become".

Rediscover Voltaire, a man with a vision, surprisingly modern and free.

"Traité sur la tolérance"


Through the seasons, the INSTITUT became a community that shares ideas, connections, memories, and pictures.

Join us !

Our values

  l'INSTITUT GRAND BLEU defins  French language not only as a means of communication but also as a tool of reflection on  the responsibility of citizens to the community and to the environment, on  the universal values of human rights and rights of children.